Prints Offered

We offer glossy, borderless prints of all our images as follows.

Print Size Price (in £)
6" by 4" 1.00
7" by 5" 1.49
8" by 6" 1.99
10" by 8 " 5.50
12 "by 8""  6.50

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PRICES SHOWN ARE FOR PHOTOGRAPHS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Reproduction fee for books and magazines start at £15 per photograph. Covers and centre spreads by arrangement.                                       

Other types of Print (not sizes) may be specified at check-out.


Postage is calculated at checkout based on quantity and weight starting at £1.49


The following discounts are available. Enter the Coupon shown at check-out to take advantage of the discount.

Prints Ordered Discount Coupon
More than 25 Free Postage freeshipping
51 to 100 10% Discount discount10
More than 100 20% Discount discount20

Please note that the images shown on this website show the whole of the negative. not all of the image will appear on all sizes of photos, some will have to be cropped. If you want all of the image on the photograph please state so, they will  be shrunk to fit. This will mean that a small part of the photo will be blank. i will not crop a loco if it can be helped.

I have no minimum order price, but I may hold an order for less than £10 until I get another order so that I can batch order from the processors.