British Railway Photographs: Blog en-us Transport Topics (British Railway Photographs) Sun, 14 Nov 2021 19:05:00 GMT Sun, 14 Nov 2021 19:05:00 GMT British Railway Photographs: Blog 120 78 IN HONOUR OF STEVE DAVIES FOUNDER OF THIS WEB SITE. Those of you that knew Steve or follow my blog will probably be aware that Steve passed away on the 16th October 2021.

I attended his cremation on the 12th November which was a solemn but also joyous occasion. I met up with his close family and friends in Pontypridd.

Inevitably the chat got around to railways and such like.


So I felt it only right, that as Steve had a love of Great Western railcars, I should update our header page with a GWR railcar image.

This will remain in place for a while to remind us of Steve and his passion.

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SAD NEWS It is with sadness that I have to tell you that Steve Davies, the founder of this website has sadly lost his battle against that bastard cancer.

He finally lost the fight at 4:15 on the 16th October this year.


I had known Steve for many years, originally buying many of his master European slides. Our contact grew into a friendship and we attended open days together, selling our photos as well as bumping into each other on occasions in car parks and on aqueducts.

A proud Welshman we often had friendly banter over sport. He only ever seemed to contact me regarding sport when Wales beat England at Rugby. Funny that.

He finally found the perfect match, or some would say the "Better Half". Helen was supportive of his interests and was his rock. They had too little time together, but at least it was happy time. And yes it was at an open day that I first met Helen, and I could see that they were made for each other.


Although we didn't see each other often, I will obviously miss Steve. I am honoured that he wanted me to take on his website and to hopefully grow it in a way Steve would have approved of.


So in closing, please raise a glass to Steve Davies. Ex RAF, proud Welshman, devoted Husband to Helen, and of course my friend.

(British Railway Photographs) Mon, 25 Oct 2021 19:28:18 GMT
GROWING DAY BY DAY It's strange that TRANSPORT TOPICS survived for many years without a website. Now with the generous assistance of Steve Davies we have now finally crept into the 21st century.

I have been learning about the website day by day, finding features and the best way to list items for search purposes, a steep learning curve indeed. What is reassuring is the fact that a "Google" search will find the site quite quickly, and I am aware that the number of viewers is steadily growing month by month, and for this i thank you. Orders are also fairly steady either directly through the ordering mechanism on the website or via requested order forms.

The catalogue is still available free via request as a set of PDF files, and of course we still have an ebay site, which I know some of you use as there is a possibility of picking shots up on auction at a slightly reduced cost if they do not bid up.

We try to add images on a fairly regular basis with many to add from COLIN MARSDEN, DAVID CANNING and others in the future, with many thousands still to scan covering the 1950's through to modern day.

And yes, thanks to your feedback we will be adding a Bus/Road section as well as a Maritime section in the future, so please keep watching and spreading the word.


Thank You 


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WELCOME TO OUR NEW CUSTOMERS A few months in and it is time for me to thank our new customers who have ordered via the web-site, via order forms and of course on good old ebay. As you know we are going through a process of updating our site with thousands of new images. So please keep dipping in and hopefully you will enjoy the new content.

If you are after any particular subjects why not drop us a line, as I estimate as of this date we only have around 5% of our images uploaded.

Thank You


(British Railway Photographs) Wed, 21 Apr 2021 22:06:48 GMT
UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Yes it's true, the British Railway Photographs website is now under new management.

Steve has stepped down and offered me the chance of rekindling the site, with new images from the TRANSPORT TOPICS library. We are still finding our feet and need to list things in a certain way to allow the search function to work properly, but we will get there. Slow progress but every day we get a little better.

In the mean time, have a scout around, bare with us, and if you have any requests of a railway nature, give us a shout. I would say we are mainly diesel based with a good selection of electric and steam images.....but growing all the time.



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First Message This is our first message!

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